Across the years, I’ve been inviting friends and strangers to join me on stage or in private for improvisations. I never know who was going to show up, what instruments will be played, or what sounds we were going to produce. These are the records of some great adventures we’ve had, while creating and venturing our new worlds.
People ask me, how do I decide the parameters for each improvisation? I usually don’t. I prefer letting the moment wash over myself. Sometimes it is fun to set topics, play games, but most of the time I just find inspiration in the nanoseconds passing by.



Piano, saxophone, and trumpet.

Brightness calling

A beautiful glistening track, with 2 pianos, saxophone and banjo.


With Marie Comuzzo, my beautiful friend on the violin.


A solo discovery.


A realization from the very beginning.

Improv of Strangers

Gathering people who have never played together before.


Occasion: Reunion. Spring, 2017.

Day 4.2

Occasion: Reunion. Spring, 2017.